Bilbao, with the Guggenheim Museum as a great international symbol, is the gateway to the Basque cultural universe. It is a city that is an example of urban transformation at a global level and has maintained a number of hallmarks that make it singular and unique. Sea and mountain, character and history, tradition and modern architecture. Bilbao is leisure and culture. Bilbao is everything you expected and more.

Our tables are set with tradition and the avant garde and seasonal products from both the sea and land.

Sweeten up your life with the best pastries, express yourself with the latest in fashion, equip yourself with the latest technology, browse for antiques…

The so-called Basque universe opens before your eyes in Bilbao. Take a stroll around the beaches of San Sebastian or in Salinas de AƱana. Breathe in the Irati Forest or mosey around Vitoria-Gasteiz. There’s a universe of possibilities in Bilbao!

See the Bilbao Tourism website for a full list of things to do